UKAS Calibration Certificate

We offer UKAS Calibration on these instruments with sensors

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Temperature Controllers

Advanced functionality

Our comprehensive range of controllers enable you to choose from a vast range of products designed by a company with over 40 years of control expertise.

If you need help with your choice please contact our experts.

Terperature Controllers

Control stability

Industrial processes such as plastic extrusion, heat treatment or semiconductor processing require stable, 'straight-line' control.

The best in accurate process measurement distinguishes real values from signal noise. Combine this with advanced PID algorithms to get optimum closed loop response - providing you with the features you need to keep control of the most difficult of processes.

Application support

Sometimes you need more than just someone who can provide you with a controller. Sometimes you need people who understand your process and control requirements to help you make the right choices.

Using Eurotherm products offers you this support, from technical pre-sales advice to application engineering to full commissioning services. We are with you every step of the way.

Application Specific versions of controllers are also available to keep your engineering costs to a minimum:

  • Melt pressure
  • Atmosphere control
  • Vacuum control
  • Carbon control
  • Chamber control

Reduced engineering costs

Temperature Controllers

Our development teams have spent years refining products so that they are easy for you to use. From ordering to engineering of products, our solutions have been designed to reduce the cost of ownership of our control products.

When you order a PID controller you can specify what you need - input types, control functions and output signals - and the instrument will be shipped to you pre-configured to enable 'out of the box' operation.

Manual calculation of PID parameters can be a lengthy process and requires in depth control knowledge. Automatic self tune, which calculates optimum PID parameters, can easily be performed - reducing your engineering time and providing straight line control response.

A PC software configuration and commissioning utility, 'iTools' provides simplified, advanced customisation of your controllers. We understand that your time is valuable and iTools removes the need for re-engineering as product configurations can be saved and re-used.