Mercury/Glass Thermometers

Charnwood Instrumentation Services is one of the most knowledgeable UK companies in this area and one of the first UKAS accredited Calibration Laboratories for temperature instrumentation in the UK.

The EU REACH Regulation 2006 restricts the placing on the market of measuring devices that contain mercury.

Annex XVII to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006, original entry 18a
18a. Mercury
CAS No. 7439-97-6
EC No. 231-106-7

The following mercury-containing measuring devices intended for industrial and professional uses shall not be placed on the market after 10 April 2014:
(a) Barometers
(b) Hydrometers
(c) Manometers
(d) Sphygmomanometers
(e) Strain gauges to be used with plethysmographs
(f) Tensiometers
(g) Thermometers and other non-electrical thermometric applications.

The restriction in paragraph 5 shall not apply to thermometers exclusively intended to perform tests according to standards that require the use of mercury thermometers until 10 October 2017.



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