Level Sensors

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NEGELE pressure sensors with ceramic measuring cells are perfect for taking high-precision hydrostatic level measurements and differential pressure measurements.

There are also sensors for extremely wet environments with hydraulically coupled and hermetically closed stainless steel double membranes.

That makes condensation problems a thing of the past. Only FDA-compliant materials come into contact with our products.

Potentionmetric Level Measurment

Level Sensors

Level SensorsWith NEGELE sensors, you can continuously measure the levels in vessels that are 2.5 m and smaller consistently, cost-effectively and easily.

You can choose from a wide product range containing various models and probe lengths for your specific needs. Our sensors can measure all liquid media with a minimum conductivity of 1 μS/cm.

  • Highly dynamic measurements, ideal for balance and filter tanks
  • Perfect for closed loop level controls
  • Extremely accurate - even at low levels
  • Two-rod probe also available for non-metallic tanks
  • Probe rod length can be specified to within one millimeter
  • Can be installed from above or below
  • Not sensitive to adhesion of product
  • Ideal for pressurized tanks as an alternative to differential pressure measurement
  • Materials: 1.4404/316L (316 L), PEEK
  • Suitable for Food and Pharma
  • CIP / SIP capable 140 °C / 30 min

Hydrostatic Level Measurment

  • Accurate, hermetically closed
  • Ideal for extremely wet environments
  • Stainless steel 1.4404/316L
  • IP 69 K
  • CIP/SIP fähig
  • 140 °C / 30 min