Flow Meters

  • High quality and hygienic alternative to industrial, non-hygienic turbine, paddle wheel or variable area flowmeters
  • Economical alternative to mass flowmeters in non-conductive, low-viscosity media
  • Cost-effective and compact alternative to magnetic-inductive flowmeters in applications that require a small probe

Flow meters and switches: calorimetric / ultrasonic / turbine

NegeleCIS has partnered with Negele to supply flow switches that will monitor your processes reliably using the ultrasonic Doppler method or the calorimetric principle.

The two sensors are mechanically and electrically interchangeable and only FDA-compliant materials come into contact with product.

Flow Meter

Process adaptation

All Negele sensors that utilize the calorimetric or ultrasonic Doppler principle can be used in combination with both conventional process adaptation methods and the Negele Cleanadapt system.

Calormetric flow meters

  • Ideal for use with watery and high-purity media
  • Built-in sensor protection
  • 5 second response time
  • Measurements up to 100 °C
  • No need to align sensor with flow direction
  • Binary or analog output
  • CIP / SIP capable 140 °C / 30 min

Ultrasonic Sensors

  • Can be used with all media starting at 1 NTU turbidity and particle diameter > 50μm (tap water, milk, CIP media, etc.)
  • Unaffected by changes in temperature
  • Lightning-fast response time < 1 s
  • Measurements up to 140 °C
  • Binary or analog output
  • CIP / SIP capable 140 °C / 30 min

Flow Meter

Only FDA-compliant materials come into contact with our products.