UKAS Calibration Certificate

We offer UKAS Calibration on these instruments

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Digital Thermometers


The ideal replacement for mercury thermometers

CIS-650P & CIS-650P/400

  • Now with logging facility and relay
  • (USB/NFC* download)
  • High Accuracy
  • 0.01°C/ 0.1°C Resolution
  • UKAS calibration available

In response to today’s demand for speed, accuracy and performance, the CIS-650P has been developed as an ideal replacement for mercury in glass thermometers. It has two immersion lines 75mm and 100mm on a 120mm long x 6mm dia. stainless steel probe and can be supplied calibrated at a stated immersion.

(Bespoke probe lengths and styles can be arranged upon request.)

Model: CIS 650P
Accuracy ± 0.2°C
with calbration
Resolution   0.01°C
Range   - 19.99 + 99.99 °C
Sensor type   PT100
Configurable   °C or °F
Model: CIS 650P/400

±1.0°C below +260°C; ±1.6°C above +260°C




-80 to +400°C

Sensor type   PT100
Configurable   °C or °F

*NFC for Android V4.4 Kitkat or later using NFCLogLink (Available at Google Play Store)