UKAS Calibration Certificate

All our thermometers, hydrometers and hygrometers can be calibrated to UKAS standard.

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Thermometer Calibration | Hydrometer Calibration | Relative Humidity Calibration

Thermometer Calibration

UKAS temperature calibration service

Charnwood can calibrate the following to UKAS standard:

  • Liquid-in-glass thermometers
  • Dial type temperature indicators
  • PT100s, digital thermometers, Temperature recorders with sensors
  • Thermo-Hydrometers

Temperature calibration is available between -80°c and +410°c with calibration and measurement capability from 0.02°c / 0.05°c.

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Hydrometer Calibration

UKAS Hydrometer Calibration Certyificates for Charnwood Instruments

Charnwood can calibrate all hydrometers to UKAS standard within a range of 500 kg/m3 to 2000 kg/m3 with calibration and measurement capability from 0.05 kg/m3.

We are the only company based in the UK that is able to offer both hydrometer and thermometer calibration.

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Relative Humidity Calibration

UKAS RH relative humidity calibration service

Using our new (RH) Relative Humidity chamber from Rotronics, we can carry out very accurate calibration on most RH sensors and hand held instruments to UKAS standard.

We can calibrate RH from 5-50°C and 10-95% RH.

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Other Calibration

Pressure gauge calibration service

Charnwood also offers traceable calibration for pressure within a range of 30INHG vacuum and 0 to 700 bar.

We can conduct PH and conductivity and time calibration with traceability to national standard.

We are happy to supply new instruments ready calibrated or calibrate customers' own instruments.

Conformity checks can be conducted upon request.

In most cases we are also able to offer on site calibration on most pressure and temperature instruments traceable to national standards

CIS Calibration policy

Instrumentation sent for calibration to Charnwood Instrumentation Services Ltd for ISO17025 calibration in accordance with our UKAS accreditation can be calibrated at your specific required calibration points, if previously advised,or stated on your purchase order.

If we have previously calibrated your item, unless specified we will, where possible, calibrate the instrument at the same points as the previous certificate.

Otherwise our standard practice is calibrating the instrument over its range, across approximately equal points, within our capabilities.