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We are a UKAS accredited laboratory for the calibration of:

Thermometers, Relative Humidity & Hydrometers

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We also calibrate PH, Conductivity & Time to National Standards.

UKAS Calibration Certificate

Charnwood are now a distributor

UKAS Calibration Certificate

Charnwood Instrumentation Services offer UKAS accredited temperature calibration at temperatures from -80°C upwards and can also supply instrumentation to measure these temperatures.

PT-100 Digital Mercury Replacement Thermometers

PT-100 Digital Mercury Replacement Thermometers available at Charnwood Instruments

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Welcome to Charnwood Instrumentation Services

Calibration equipment

Charnwood Instrumentation Services Limited is a specialist UKAS calibration laboratory and instrumentation supply and integration company. Based in Coalville, Leicestershire in the East Midlands area, C.I.S. have been an accredited UKAS (formerly NAMAS) laboratory for nearly twenty years.

Calibration equipment

Along with its unique ability to offer supply and UKAS calibration of glass thermometers, mercury alternative thermometers, hydrometers, thermo-hydrometers, hygrometers (temperature and humidity equipment), Charnwood instrumentation Services have teamed up with leading names within the process industry – Anderson-Negele, Digitron, Ludwig Schneider – as official distributors to offer supply of temperature sensors, hand held thermometers and data logging equipment, pressure sensors and hand-held manometers, level, flow, conductivity and turbidity measurement. Our partnership with Invensys-Eurotherm, along with over 20 years of experience with Eurotherm controllers allows us to help with most process applications.